When buying a shirt, sweater or box you are not only doing yourself a favor, you are also gifting a shirt to a Mini Milkshake guest (people with a disability)


Who is the initiator of this action?

For All Who Love Foundation is the initiator in collaboration with creative agency D.O.L.HOUSE.
For All Who Love Foundation: “In these times where social interest, empathy, and retro perspectives are central in our society, we aim to give attention to ‘give to minority groups by others’ and strengthen this feeling.

D.O.L.HOUSE: “D.O.L.HOUSE itself is not a non profit organization or charity. We are a social enterprise, we deliver a product or service. As main goal, in collaboration with the FAWL Foundation, we aim to create social impact.

–       It’s nice that I’m surprising someone else with a T-shirt, but what is Mini Milkshake actually? And who are the visitors?
Mini Milkshake is a yearly recurring festival. Mini Milkshake exists for 5 years already and the event always takes place the day before Milkshake festival. Every year we welcome over thousand people with a mental or physical disability to give them an unforgettable festival day. We closely work together with volunteers to make Mini Milkshake happen.

–       When and how do people with a disability receive the T-Shirt?
For over 5 years For All Who Love Foundation works together with divers care institutions, such as Cordaan & Philadelphia. We make sure that the T-shirts will be delivered between 20th and 24th of July 2020 at these care institutions.

–       Talking about drag queens… I’d love to support them!
Get your package delivered by a drag queen! They deliver the packages in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Rotterdam.

Surprise someone or yourself with a visit of the posse of Lady Galore, Envy Peru’s Mermaid Mansion or The House of Madame Madness, and let your personal message be delivered by these exquisite colorful birds through a live telegram. 100% of the profit will go directly to the performer! An extra glamorous and personal delivery moment, and you give direct support to the entertainers who have been hit hard in these times.

–       When do I receive my package?
As of 22nd of may 2020 you can order your product at the online webshop. These products will be delivered between 17th and 31st of July. Several days before you will receive an email about the exact delivery date.

–       Will the products be delivered national and international?
The boxes and other products are available in The Netherlands, with exceptions of ‘de wadden’. These boxes are delivered by a courier at your home for €7,50.

The T-Shirts will be send through post and the shipping costs are €4,95, you will receive a track and code.

If you want to receive your package abroad, you can email to dolly@dolhouse.nl.

–       When and where can I pick up my order?
We prioritize sustainability, therefore you can also pick up your order yourself at our headquarters: Pazzanistraat 11, Amsterdam (Westerpark). We will inform you through email when you can pick up your order, this is possible from the 17th of July 2020.

–       How can I trade or return my order?
If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, you can trade or return your item within 14 days after the delivery date. After this period you are not able to trade or return your purchase. If you want to trade or return a product you can email to dolly@dolhouse.nl.

A returned product has to meet the following criteria:

–       The product has to be returned within 14 days after the delivery date.

–       Returned products are only accepted when they are not damaged and (if possible) are still wrapped in the original packing.

–       We only accept care products who are untouched.

–       The customer is responsible for the risk of delivering the returned package.

–       Incomplete returns will not be accepted.

–       If the trade or return do not meet the criteria D.O.L.House has the right to send back the order to the receiver, and hold the receiver accountable for the shipping cost.

For All Who Love Foundation has the purpose to create more tolerance and acceptance for people who are different from the ideal image of society. We are committed to creating more courtesy and love for each other.